Hey friend, I'm Jeremy Sellers, a musician, as well as a recording, and mixing enthusiast, based in Birmingham, AL.
Just like many of you, I have always been interested in anything involving music and its production. Most people like us, just can't live without it!
Over the years, I have had the pleasure of being part of a variety of studio and live venue scenarios.
I have performed in small live rock band venues, all the way up to the set up, break down, and performance of large live church auditorium events.
Thankfully, my journey has taken me to many parts of the United States and Europe. While living and working in Germany from 2001 to 2006, I had the opportunity to do some tracking in a professional studio for countless hours on end. This new studio experience, coupled with playing with musicians from different musical genres, and cultural backgrounds, inspired me to be a continuous creative. 
Teaming with motivation, I set up my first home studio, right there in Heidelberg, Germany. My first home studio had to be as portable as possible. I was able to track and mix instruments and vocals, in the top of my three story home in the country-side. Since my equipment was mostly portable at the time, I was also able to travel back and forth to the city to utilize any instrument available to me at the church where I worked. With a wide variety of instruments to choose from, the most notable was an authentic "Hammond" B-3 organ, which was perfect for the style of rock I preferred to record at the time.
Currently, I reside back in my hometown where I grew up and continue to enjoy writing, recording, and mixing songs, in my latest home studio creation.
Through the years, I developed a quick but quality approach to recording and mixing tracks. Writing and tracking music is a very creative process but can be equally exhausting. You have a limited amount of time in the studio before your inspiration and enthusiasm begins to dry up.
Too many musicians, get bogged down in the details instead of just hammering out good quality tracks that will keep their creative juices flowing. In hopes of producing a high quality track, musicians too often feel they have to be as meticulous as a professional producer or a revered sound engineer they watched on a video.
The truth is, we can always get super technical and over audition countless plugins, compressors, and gear, later down the road.
With re-amping techniques and recording in the box as much as possible, we can stay in our creative zone and later obsess as little or as much as we desire, thanks to the power and convenience of modern home recording.
Let me help you de-mystify the recording and mixing process. I can give you some guidelines for building your own affordable home studio and show you some tips that will help you get quick results and a quality product.

Studio Quality Mix In Minutes!

In this (FREE) 1 hour recording and mixing mini-course, I'll teach you about the following topics:

  • How to track instruments and vocals
  • How to use an EQ
  • How to use a compressor
  • How to get a quick but quality mix 

If you're ready to start creating

your own studio quality masterpiece, 

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